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Discover the Untamed Beauty


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Exploring Tullah is an extraordinary adventure, where untouched wilderness and breath taking landscapes await at every turn. From Rugged mountains to the serene Tullah Lakeside Lodge, Tullah offers an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Tasmania's natural beauty.

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Queenstown, Tasmania's largest town on the West Coast, captivates with its dramatic hills and rich mining history. Once a thriving copper mining town, it boasts a surreal 'moonscape' terrain, now slowly regrowing with vegetation. From the Galley Museum showcasing mining relics to the West Coast Wilderness Railway offering a historical steam train adventure, Queenstown is a treasure trove of heritage and natural beauty. Don't miss the restored Paragon Theatre, now a luxury cinema, and the adrenaline-pumping White Water Rafting King for the Day experience, making Queenstown a must-visit destination in Tasmania's wilderness..


Strahan lies at the northern edge of the wild, savage and unspoiled beauty of Macquarie Harbour. It is the last town on Tasmania's West Coast and one of the loneliest and most isolated places on the planet. The British brought their most hardened criminals to Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour and the result was a penal colony of unimaginable hardship. History: At various earlier times the 'port' had been known as Long Bay and Regatta Point but in 1877 it became the port for the tin mines at Mount Heemskirk. It was named Strahan after Major George Strahan who was the Governor of Tasmania from 1881-86. Boat Tours are available on the Gordon River. There are two operators who can take you out on a boat ride to discover the natural wonders of the Gordon River. Quad Bike Tours are available at Strahan and we highly recommend taking the time to do it. The Henty Dunes are fantastic, and the scenery is just stunning.

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Rosebery, a secluded valley dominated by mining, lies amidst a striking landscape of dense forests and volcanic mountains in the West Coast Range. Its history dates back to 1893 when gold and zinc-lead sulfide were discovered, leading to the formation of the Rosebery Gold Mining Company. The town offers scenic drives, a captivating Heritage Centre, and nature trails like the Stitt River Rain Forest Nature Trail. Nearby, Mt Black and Mt Read boast fascinating features, while Montezuma Falls, Tasmania's highest waterfall, awaits just two kilometers south of Rosebery.


Zeehan, a historic mining town on Tasmania's West Coast, was named after Abel Tasman's ship, the Zeehan. It flourished during the peak mining period, with the Zeehan-Dundas silver-lead deposits discovered in 1882. Today, visitors can explore its rich heritage, including the ornate Gaiety Theatre and the fascinating West Coast Heritage Centre. Additionally, the Spray Tunnel offers a unique glimpse into the past with its intriguing 'keyhole' shape and occasional glow worm sightings.

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