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Events at Tullah Lakeside Lodge

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What's On


Don't miss out on these incredible events at Tullah Lakeside Lodge! Gather your friends and family for a month filled with fantastic food, laughter, and entertainment. Mark your calendars and make August a memorable one with us!
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Chicken Curry

Every Tuesday:  Curry Special
The Tuesday night curry specials at Tullah Lakeside Lodge are simply unbeatable. Guests can indulge in a mouth watering array of aromatic and flavourful curries, skilfully crafted by the lodge's talented chefs, making it a delightful and memorable dining experience.

Every Wednesday: Jag the Joker

Jackpots $50.00 every week until the joker is found!
Wednesday nights are brimming with excitement during the "Jag the Joker" event. Guests can participate in this game of chance, where the atmosphere is filled with laughter and anticipation as they try their luck to win fantastic prizes, making it a thrilling and enjoyable midweek highlight at the lodge.

joker card

Jag the Joker

chicken parmy

Every Thursday Parmi & Pint Special
Grab a Parmi & Pint for $30.00
12 options to choose from

Friday 6th - Live Comedy

Live comedy by Gavin Baskerville & Ben Richardson.

Free Entry.

8:30PM start


Friday 13th - Emo Night

Live Music by Silver Lining playing all your favourite emo hits.

8:30PM start

Free Entry

Saturday 21st - Van Diemens Band Orchestra 

Van Diemens Band Live from 3:00 - 4:00PM

Tickets Essential.

Tickets available online.


Saturday 28th - Halloween Night

Live Music by Lucky 7

Playing from 8:30PM

Prizes for best dressed.

Spooky Cocktails

Family Friendly


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